Beautiful Life Family Home Care

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Our Mission

At Beautiful Life Family Home Care, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of seniors by providing a courteous, compassionate, quality, and affordable home care experience. Our caregivers are dedicated, caring, and well-trained.

Our Core Values

The core values embraced by us, which guide every employee in every decision are:

  • Accountable and Committed – We believe in meeting commitments to our customers, our owners, and each other, and are responsible to do as we say and when.

  • Action-Oriented and Urgent – We have a clear sense of urgency and we inspire everyone with our focus and energy. 

  • Compassionate and Compliant – We provide compassionate care that adheres to the rules and regulations that govern our businesses.

  • Customer-Focused – We treat everyone like family. This value is shared and practiced by all our associates and management.

  • Dedicated to our Team – Our best asset, we believe, is our competent team of home health aides and CNAs. We invest in their development, provide periodic training, and reward strong performance. This makes us a great place to work.

  • Respectful and Honorable – We treat everyone with respect and do business in an honorable manner.